Mata Photography is a trademark for professional wedding service especially in Bali. We offer professional services in photography and videography. Over 10 years in the world of wedding photography in Bali, encourage Eddie as our Art Director and Founder of Mata Photography to the next level of actualizing people dream wedding. We are here proudly to explore and presenting ideas to you who expect more than good, yes we would expect it Great! Because we realize your moments are timeless and worth it to see again, again, and again.

Our style are more candid and natural, more to the details and atmosphere of your prewedding and wedding day. We would love to present unbelievable moments from you, the real you, because we believe that each couple is different and unique. That’s why all pictures will represent you as the happiest bride and groom, we promise!

All of our prewedding and wedding packages include a second photographer or lighting assistant, who assists main photographer to get other angles or even multiple moments.

It’s quite difficult to quantify exactly how many photos will be shot on the day, because every wedding is different, but on average we usually provide 400-500 images for a full-day wedding. For sure, we will shoot many more throughout the wedding day, and filter out any images that are obviously unusable. By our editor, all images then under go post-production for adjustments such as exposure, color correction, leveling, cropping, etc.

Yes, we would love to discuss and help you by offering alternative options of the packages. In case if you want to have all photos on CD or DVD, we ensure to provide the custom price.

All of our photo and video packages including a DVD with high-resolution digital files (original & edited) and if you want to have all original files (RAW) you can bring your own hard drive (min. 1 TB) and we will transfer them into it.

Bali Wedding Photographer and Bali Family Photographer - Mata Photography Official

Mata Photography Official is a team of creative, talented, and award winning young photographers based in Bali. We use our photographs to share your romantic love story in this “Island of Gods“, inspired by love and the beauty of Bali. Our aim is to capture the beauty, love and happiness that shine out of you when you’re in love, through our natural, high quality and timeless images that can be appreciated for many years to follow.

And of course, getting married is one of the most important decisions that a person will ever make. Choosing the right Bali wedding photographer to capture your special moments in Bali is another important decisions you will need during your wedding planning. Throughout your wedding day, the sacred and intimate connection will be occurred: a moment lost in thought, a quiet tear, and that look in the eyes of one who knows that they have finally found the love of their life. And we will be so proud if we can be the one to tell your unique wedding story through the photographs that we take.

Most of all, we love photographing engagement and wedding. As a Bali wedding photographer, we feel that we have one of the best jobs in the world, and we are so honoured each and every time we are selected to be someone’s Bali wedding photographer. We hope to be yours. searching a wedding photographer who understands your vision and captures exactly what you had hoped for is like searching for a needle in a haystack. A photographer should need to have an artistic eye that will capture every story of your big day.

In weddings, photography is one of the most prioritized aspects as couples want to capture their once in a lifetime romantic event. Your wedding day will pass so quickly, so it would be easy to miss the moments that made it uniquely yours.